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July 2022


                  Thank you for choosing CounterTek, Inc. as Your Custom Countertop Company.  We are
                  commi ed to providing you with high quality products and excep onal service at prices
                  that will enable you to be more compe  ve.  If you don’t see what you are looking for in
                  these pages, please give us a call.  We are here to help.

                  Thank you,
                  CounterTek, Inc.

                  Your mul plier for all products and services: _________

                Template                 $441.00 List  ‐  Add $10.50 list per mile beyond 100 miles and up
                                         to 125 miles from 17522
                                         Cabinets must be installed and appliances in place at  me of
                                         template.  We will template over exis ng tops, however fit cannot
                                         be guaranteed.  Wall  le above tops must be removed prior to
                                         template to ensure fit.
                Installa on              Orders Above 30 SF  ‐  $38.00 per SF list
                                         Orders Below 30 SF  ‐  $50.50 per SF list
                                         (20 Square Foot Minimum)
                                         Not available beyond 100 miles from 17522
                                         If the job requires wall laminate or full height splash please contact
                                         us for a quote.  Same cabinet and appliance requirements as stated
                                         above.  Includes jobsite delivery.

                Jobsite Delivery:        $220.00 List  ‐  Not available beyond 100 miles from 17522
                Curbside                 Help supplied by customer is required and we must have
                                         easy accessibility to the site.  If the customer is not available at the
                                          me of the delivery, another jobsite will need to be scheduled and
                                         a fee will be applied.

                Large‐Scale Jobsite      $300.00 List—Not available beyond 100 miles from 17522
                 Delivery: Curbside      These are large project orders and requires our truck to make a
                                          single stop .  See above for instruc ons.
                Tear Out & Haul Away  $14.25 List  ‐  Per Square Foot
                                         $20.75 List  ‐  Tear Out of Nested Tops  ‐ Per Square Foot

                Rework                   $84.00 Net Per Hour

                Service                  $441.00 List  ‐  Plus materials if necessary
                Store Delivery

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