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Custom Laminate

At CounterTek, we specialize in custom laminate countertops. What is it that makes them custom?

It is a collection of factors. Essentially, it means building countertops to meet your exact dimensions and requirements, thus ensuring that they will fit perfectly every time. With hundreds of colors, pattern options, and textures from Formica and Wilsonart along with an extensive list of customization options, the possibilities are endless! And to top it off, we offer industry-leading turnaround times.

Laminate Countertops

Laminate is an affordable option for countertops that is tasteful and durable. Laminate tops are easy to clean and are nonporous. With the right care, they will last for many years. You can browse color options on Formica and Wilsonart websites, and we can fabricate the countertops you want right here at CounterTek. Our fabricators take pride in their work and value every top. All of our countertops are handcrafted by experienced, knowledgeable individuals. We have been successfully under-mounting Karran sinks in our laminate tops for 15 years. This offers yet another distinctive option as the sink meets perfectly with the top of the laminate. Thorough quality control ensures excellent quality and great value in every top. This allows you to feel confident in offering our countertops to your most discerning clients. In addition to the standard square edge, we offer edge profiles such as beveled, crescent, waterfall, and bullnose to make your kitchen or workspace reflect your style.


Laminate Countertops

Laminate is stain-resistant. Dirt and moisture won’t penetrate the laminate’s nonporous surface, therefore, permanent stains are not likely to occur. Laminate tops are easy to care for and maintenance free, no sealing or special care is required to keep them protected and looking great. Normal cleaning with mild soap and water is plenty to keep them looking their best.